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1. Why do we acidify Nicotine ?

The freebase nicotine used in traditional eliquids is naturally basic. A high concentration of nicotine in e-liquid makes it harsh and produces a feeling of irritation in the throat.
The consequences are :
The impression for new vapers that using an e-cigarette isn’t right for his physiology. They may then stop vaping and go back to tobacco.
A new vaper might choose an e-liquid that doesn’t have enough nicotine and he would have to vape continuously to satisfy his need for nicotine.

The “harshness” of e-liquid can be mitigated by combining nicotine to physiological acids, this is the base principle of the ioNic™ technology.

In addition, the ioNic™ technology allows to inhale nicotine in a form that is similar to the one found in tobacco leaves that are used in traditional cigarettes. The nicotine delivery is faster and gives the vaper a more satisfying experience.


2. Who are ioNic™ e-liquids for ?

The ioNic™ technology has been designed to fulfil all vapers needs and in particular :
New vapers that want to start vaping to quit cigarette.
Vapers who have irritated respiratory tract because of cigarette and can’t vape at a high nicotine concentrations.
Vapers trying to get rid of that last cigarette that they still smoke in certain situations: stress, while drinking, after eating etc..
Vapers trying to lower their high daily consumption of e-liquid.


3. Acidifying nicotine in ioNic™ e-liquids

ioNic™ are free of benzoic acid, a food preservative known as “E210” and listed as potentially carcinogenic, mutagenic and neurotoxic.
The ioNic™ technology only uses acids that are naturally found in our organisms, known as physiological acids.

Those acids have been meticulously chosen by doing a careful comparative analysis of all potential candidates. This analysis was carried out in our laboratiory and ensured that the following criteria were met :
– A low toxicity
– A proper vaporisation of the acid at the temperatures typically used in vape devices
– A low impact on flavours that are used in our e-liquids


4. What vape device should be used with ioNic™ e-liquids ?

ioNic™ e-liquids have been developed to be used in “small devices” because only a small quantity of vapor is needed to deliver the amount of nicotine needed.
What we call small devices is all atomizers that typically work between 10 and 20 watts.
All the new open “pod” systems are perfect to vape ioNic™ e-liquids.